Online Shop NOW OPEN!

You can now buy my art prints, framed art prints, stretched canvases, iphone and laptop cases and sleeves RIGHT HERE how exciting ay!

Here are a few sneaky peeks of what you can get…

‘ONCE UPON A TIME’ framed art print, walnut frame (large – 26″ x 38″)

‘BETTER THINGS’ stretched canvas (large – 24″ x 34″)

‘LOVE AS THOUGH’ Phone skin

‘BUTTERFLIES IN THE FLOWERS’ laptop and ipad skin




My favourite phrase…


Happy Monday!

Monday Blues

There are many joys of being freelance, being your own boss and making your own decisions being a few, but my favourite has to be that I never feel the Monday-back-to-work-blues.  I can get up and toddle over to my personally designed work space, eat when I feel like it and have my own music on.  Since becoming my own boss in September there have been many an itunes playlist created to help me through the (sometimes lonely) days, and I find it very hard to get inspired an motivated without them being upbeat and energetic.  It’s actually an especially good thing I work alone as I do sing along most of the time…

So whilst I sing and dance around in my own little world, this little piece was created…


As a pretty enthusiastic Disney fan and lover of all thats related to fairytales, I thought it would be nice to create an illustration to reflect this passion.  I will admit, for ‘inspiration’ and ‘research’ purposes, I have been listening to Disney Greatest hits, watching Spellbound and reading my brothers Grimm book… the joys of being freelance haha

Get the pennies out is in town…

The lovely Emma & Nick have been working their socks off for months on their new venture ‘Heartfelt Company‘, sourcing and selling home accessories, gifts and vintage furnishings and the website is finally live!  Previously selling through private home parties, it is SO exciting to now have the collection at just a click of a button.

Here are a few bits my wonderful Mum bought me for Christmas this year…

Currently on my wish list is THIS


And plenty plenty more believe me!

Happy shopping!!!!!!

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