Monday Blues

There are many joys of being freelance, being your own boss and making your own decisions being a few, but my favourite has to be that I never feel the Monday-back-to-work-blues.  I can get up and toddle over to my personally designed work space, eat when I feel like it and have my own music on.  Since becoming my own boss in September there have been many an itunes playlist created to help me through the (sometimes lonely) days, and I find it very hard to get inspired an motivated without them being upbeat and energetic.  It’s actually an especially good thing I work alone as I do sing along most of the time…

So whilst I sing and dance around in my own little world, this little piece was created…


About beccapikeillustration

I am an Illustrator, designer, and dedicated doodler of anything inky and beautiful. Taking inspiration from nature, fairytales and the whimsical, wierd and wonderful, my delicate designs can decorate any surface or product from paper goods and stationery to textiles, clothing and wallpaper. Primarily using good old pen and ink, my designs are always polished up in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. With my passion for typography, patterns and print, particularly the intricate and detailed, here I shall share anything I find inspirational and beautiful and also some of my own work from my illustrated world. Feel free to contact me about any work or just for a little chat! this space for

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